P1: Middle Grade Contemporary: SIXTH GRADE SECRET SERVICE

Peanut Brittle

Title: Sixth Grade Secret Service

Age Category: Middle Grade

Genre: Contemporary

Word Count: 62,000

Pitch: The grandson of the most inept agents of the secret service must find the missing sixth grade president (his unrequited crush), before the school bully turns their democracy into a dictatorship.

First 250 Word of Manuscript: 

My name is Abraham Truman and my problem started over a hundred fifty years ago. During a showing of Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre, my great, great, great…great…great…whatever, grandfather, Secret Service Agent Jessup Truman, left Abraham Lincoln’s balcony to go to the concession stand…

The rest, as my dad usually said, is in the history books.

Suffice to say, my parents don’t talk about Grandpa Jessup much.

Ninety-eight years later in Dealy Plaza, Texas, my triply great grandfather, Agent Clyde Truman, tripped over his shoelaces and stepped away from Kennedy’s motorcade. He was just about to pull Mr. Bunny Ears out of the hole when—again, history…

Clyde is another un-relatable relative to my folks.

After him, the secret service stopped trusting my ancestors with anything more challenging than changing the First Baby’s diapers. Until my dad.

He rewrote Truman family history when he rescued the president’s wife from the clutches of a rogue nation. Then my over-achieving, older brother just had to go and thwart that communist takeover of the White House…

Me—I can’t even get across the cafeteria without spilling my food tray. Which means, if Grandpas Jessup and Clyde are any indication, I’m one trip, rip, or wedgie away from my parents not even claiming me on their taxes.

But, like my best friend, Tibby Roosevelt, always said, “It’s not like there’s much chance to prove yourself in the sixth grade.”

That went double for me, until Tibby decided to run for class president.


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